Meet The People Behind Appellate Land Services


Jared S. Kaplan


Guiding Appellate Land Services for more than 15 years, Jared continuously displays an exceptional understanding of real estate transactions, settlements, and title solutions. His leadership solidifies a solid reputation for industry expertise. Drawing from a litigation background, Jared brings a unique edge to the company’s offerings. With a strong dedication to innovation, Jared and Appellate Land Services stand at the forefront of title insurance.


Susan DelToro

Partner and Executive Vice President

Fueled by comprehensive expertise and commitment to service, Susan consistently exceeds client expectations. Her incredible wealth of experience and hard work has been instrumental in Appellate Land Services’ ongoing growth and success.


Jim Checkosky

Partner and Senior VP

With more than a decade and a half of service, Jim’s proficiency in real estate, title insurance, and bank closing services forms the cornerstone of his contribution to Appellate Land Services. His adaptability in meeting diverse client needs underscores a commitment to shaping the company’s future and ensuring consistent delivery of exceptional results.


Jake Wolpoff

Business Development

Jake is a dynamic force at Appellate Land Services, leveraging his skills in Business Development to steer the company toward achievement. Utilizing a rich background in law, he brings valuable legal acumen to the table. Jake’s capacity for strategic thinking and dedication to creating new opportunities continues to propel the company forward.