The Appellate Advantage

Our razor focus on the consumer experience and embrace of technolgy sets us a part. We never say “no”.

Revolutionary Real Estate Closing Services

The bottom line is this: Appellate gives you more. Our results-driven methodology is based on our extensive industry experience and a fine-tuned expertise. Our customer-focused closing services have set an industry-wide standard of excellence.


The IT team at Appellate has mastered the art of using technology to its best advantage. Our pioneering end-to-end services ensure that we remain at the pinnacle of the real estate closing process.

Our novel process consultation services for clients in the real estate industry cover the entire spectrum. From helping our clients with in-house IT applications to assisting with operations and production, Appellate does it all.

We identify our clients’ existing technological advantages, and we build on that. We maximize the strengths of our clients’ current origination platform technology.

This process allows us to optimize and maximize workflow. Our clients enjoy a handsome return on investment (ROI) as a matter of course through technological planning.

The team at Appellate will exceed your expectations. Our progressive methodology can help you reduce waste, increase employee satisfaction, and achieve a greater scale economy. Our job is to make you a winner, and we’re very good at what we do.


Everything we do aligns with the unique requirements of your organization. Every client is special. Therefore, every client receives individual attention and an original solution.

Regardless of your existing capabilities, our pioneering closing services can be customized to precisely meet your needs.

When our clients talk, we listen. That’s how we develop and deliver avant-garde products and services that dovetail perfectly with the preexisting business models already in place at client companies.

Using our sophisticated process focus, we boost and optimize workflow by leveraging technology. The product is a custom-tailored and client-focused process map that streamlines the closing process and seamlessly meets our clients’ needs.

Our goal is to consistently achieve the ultimate in quality, excellence, and efficiency for every client.

Teamwork and Collaboration

When you partner with Appellate, you get more than just amazing technology and sophisticated process development. You also gain a partner who understands your needs and can help you upgrade your operations to thrive in the current real estate market.

Using our knowledge and experience, we create a collaborative and productive environment. By developing joint strategies, we can ensure that daily operations comply with predetermined goals geared entirely to our clients’ needs.

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